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kireina_seishin's Journal

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Hm....I'm not really good at these 'bio' things, so if you want to get to know me....don't rely on that. It will only lead to disappointment. Befriending me is a much better way. I'm generally a very nice person and .... yeah. I won't bite your head off either. But add me if you want to be friends. ^_^

Oh....And I know I probably come off as an unintelligent, mindless, frothing-at-the-mouth with retardation, squealing....er... fangirl? But I'm not. Really. I love the artists and bands as musicians first and foremost. I buy all the CDs I can get my hands on, but hey, I'm poor. I try my hardest to be a good fan, so don't judge me. x__x

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